Since more than 50 years, from Arroyito to the world.
Founded in 1962 by the brothers Elvio and Hector Riba along with Lino Farchetto, Dulcor is an Argentinean family company with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing sweets, jams and fruit pulps.
In recent years, the company expanded significantly by widenning the variety of products it produces and by the incorporation of other largely recognized brands such as Esnaola, Veneziana, Vanoli, Yuspe, Tit Can Gross and Bioetanol Río Cuarto SA.
Nowadays, Dulcor counts with an industrial site which runs under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACC ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certifications. The site consists of 8,000 square meters of covered space located in 16 has in the out-skirts of Arroyito, a city 120km away from Cordoba, It’s from this location in the heart of Argentina that Dulcor reaches to 27 countries around the world with its products, which are the result of the hard work and joint effort of Dulcor’s 200 workers.
To keep up with the requirements of both the domestic and foreign markets, Dulcor does not only manufacture its products in a GMP and HACC certified industrial site, but it also offers a wide range of them, produced with high quality raw materials. All with the sole purpose of providing the excellence that characterizes the company.
ELVIO E. RIBA 1615 - Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina.
TEL / PHONE (+54) 03576 421790